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Welcome to our website!  Most Americans believe that healthcare reforms are needed to reduce costs and increase accessibility.  We want to work with patients to increase healthcare choices.  Medical insurance is certainly needed, but should be used for catastrophic events, and not routine care.  Our practice will not submit insurance claims, but take payments at the time of service.  By eliminating insurance claims in our practice, we can reduce costs, improve the doctor-patient relationship, and work together to establish a truly grassroots solution for this problem.

1.  We simplify price by telling you charges up front!

$50- up to 15 minute visit; appropriate for simple problems / follow-up

$80- up to 30 minute visit; appropriate for 2-3 issues or initiation into our clinic for a healthy adult

$150- up to 60 minute visit; appropriate for complex issues, family conferences, or patients interested in exploring alternative medicine / concierge service

Other charges can be found in the clinic section for lab tests, minor procedures, and other needs.  Shop around!  You will find our charges straight forward, transparent, and affordable.

2.  We simplify the pace by having the doctor walk through the entire medical visit with you from start to finish.  You will not be bounced between a receptionist, nurse, physician, and biller, but see the doctor from start to finish.  Although we offer quick 15 minute visits for simple problems, we also encourage our patients to try the lengthier visits and see if the relaxed pace doesn’t make you feel more at ease when visiting the doctor.  Concierge medicine has been touted by many, but the yearly retainer fee running in the thousands of dollars makes concierge medicine out of reach for many.  Now, concierge service can be enjoyed by more people!

3.  We simplify the process by not participating in Medicare, Medicaid, or any private insurance company.  Most people understand that by eliminating contracts with insurance carriers, doctors can offer better prices.  But did you know that by eliminating these same contracts, doctors and patients are now freed up from numerous restrictions on the delivery of care?  Medical Simplicity would like to explore innovative ways at making the system better.

Doctors spend a lot of time talking about the same information with many of their patients.  Why not create small group conferences at even lower costs where the doctor can talk about common problems like weight loss, cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes?  Imagine discussing not only common Western medications for these conditions, but dietary and lifestyle interventions that can be used to even reverse some of these conditions!

Ever use Skype / video conferencing with your friends and colleagues?  Without the numerous insurance regulations, telemedicine offers some very exciting opportunities.  Let’s say you are a relatively healthy patient with hypertension.  Instead of traveling to and from the doctor’s office every 3 months for a simple refill on medications, how about a virtual Skype visit to make sure you are okay and the medications are working well?

Share other ideas!  Medical Simplicity is not under the yoke of insurance contracts and is looking to improve America’s healthcare system for everyone!

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